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Efficient Power Tech provides a cloud-based energy management platform, eReveal, to manage all your energy usage and costs while providing actionable insights and analytics to improve efficiency and reduce costs and carbon emissions.

Efficient Power Tech’s eReveal makes energy data management and monitoring easier by offering your team a deeper level of energy analytics for today’s requirements.

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Cloud-Based Energy Management Platform Features:

Generate required Energy & Sustainability reporting and for management and investors through customized dashboards.

  • Custom benchmarking comparison of buildings and regions (consumption/demand/cost totals and KPIs)
  • Integration with ENERGY STAR, GRESB, Department of Energy BPD
  • Save “custom groupings” manually or determined by property characteristics

Manage properties by prioritizing under performing locations or facilities

  • High level view of your individual KPIs
  • 20+ different widget options for your dashboard
  • Create, maintain, & share customized dashboard views (i.e. for specific users, sustainability, accounting, engineering, etc.)

Provide investors, executive management, operating managers, and accounting personnel standardized budget and forecasts.

  • Budget accurately based on proprietary consumption, forecasting algorithm, supply market predictions, delivery tariff rates, and Public Service Commission rate cases
  • Understand the impact of lease activity, occupancy, weather, and efficiency projects
  • Allocate capital efficiently

Get the reports that matter without wasting time.

  • Automated monthly reporting distribution
  • Reports native to Excel — formatting never altered upon export
  • Custom report development

Consolidate and manage invoices for electricity, gas, water, and refuse.

  • Web-based centralized platform
  • Building/facility region, portfolio consolidation
  • Multiple currency tracking
  • Unit conversions

Know your energy usage in real time.

  • Fully leverage real-time data by analyzing it alongside actual utility bill data
  • Multiple visualizations giving the ability to identify energy efficiency and savings opportunities

Lower capital costs by benchmarking host costs to industry peers.

  • ASHRAE Guideline 14-2014 & IPMVP Compliant Option B & C
  • Track multiple ECMs at once
  • Normalize project analyses for weather, billing period length, occupancy, & more
  • Verify performance and track ROI

Reduce costs by creating electricity load management plans.

  • Predictive analytics alert you when peak load hours are likely to occur
  • Track, measure, and verify the performance of your peak load management efforts

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