Building Automation Control System

Building Automation Control System

Welcome to the Future of Energy Savings

Energy is one of your company’s largest manageable expenses – yet probably one of your most overlooked savings opportunities. Which is why Efficient Power Tech is introducing powerful new IoT Energy Management Solutions that help facilities managers, small business owners, construction managers, technicians, and franchise owners to significantly increase profitability across all of their facilities as well as overall customer satisfaction and comfort. Whether you’re interested in controlling one 250,000 sq. ft. facility or one hundred 3,000 sq. ft. facilities, Efficient Power Tech has the IoT Energy Management Solution that's right for YOU!

The Tools You Need For the Insight You Want

Energy Management isn’t a product or a transaction, its a process. In order to see economic savings as a result of managing energy usage effectively you need to have the ability to measure your current usage, develop an energy management strategy, and execute that strategy over a sustained period of time. By approaching Energy Management as a process, rather than a quick fix, you’ll have the opportunity to see a 15% – 30% reduction in your total energy usage.

Insight and Control at Your Fingertips

Through one intelligent dashboard, you can measure and manage the amount of energy being used by each of your facilities any time of the day from anywhere in the world right from your computer, smart phone, or tablet.

Insight and Control at Your Fingertips

Energy Management decisions start with data that’s been collected and presented in a way that’s easy to understand. Efficient Power Tech’s IoT Energy Management solutions deliver real-time energy consumption data through a user-friendly interface which provides insight, control, alerts and programmability. We make the complex things easy.

Proactive vs. Reactive Business Management Strategies

Reactive business strategies, such as equipment maintenance repairs, tend to focus on problems only AFTER they occur. But what if you could see those problems coming before you were forced to react? By utilizing wireless sensors that report to the cloud, you could see into the future and reduce your needless maintenance expenses.

Rapid Deployment & System Integration

Our experienced system integrators can install your energy management system, sensors and configure your software in under a day in most cases. The end goal is to have your IoT Energy Management solution up-and-running as soon as possible so you can have information and control in your hand. Call us today to get started: (713) 783-2367

As a facilities manager, you’re challenged to maintain day-to-day operations with a focus on the end customer, all the while managing utility costs, energy consumption, maintenance, equipment, vendors, and employees. Without real-time analytics, how do you know if you’re managing your facilities properly? Efficient Power Tech simplifies energy and maintenance management by providing real-time insight and alerts anytime you need it. It’s all about putting control in your hands.
Having real-time access and control to your facilities, no matter how far away they are from you, is a vital tool for facility and maintenance managers. You, as a facilities manager, should have the ability to look at a map, select a facility, and control anything in that facility from your desk or on-the-go.
Connected systems and smart buildings can be leveraged to produce automatic, real-time alerts to management professionals in your business. Thus, you can act faster to correct issues when they cannot be corrected remotely. Ultimately, bringing disparate systems together provides a new level of visibility throughout your organization and helps you to achieve your sustainability goals while reducing overhead costs.
4Capital Planning
Energy and maintenance are two of the top operating costs for multi-site retailers, restaurants, and commercial property operators. Tracking energy efficiency and maintenance can be daunting for facilities professionals who do not have access to the tools or resources needed to monitor HVAC, refrigeration and lighting equipment across multiple locations. Our smart building technology effectively identifies data trends and inconsistencies for optimal energy efficiency, and includes best-in-class software and advisory services to track and manage energy and maintenance costs, so you can focus on the customer. Example: For a 500-location chain, over a 10-year span, EMS saves:
  • $50M in energy costs
  • $5M in maintenance costs
  • $100M in capital investment for HVAC
  • 5Demand Response
    Demand Response Programs offered through your energy provider are a way to generate revenue by committing to reduce electricity usage during periods of peak demand across the electric grid. If called upon to participate in a demand response event, you would be required to reduce your overall energy consumption for a given time period. Efficient Power Tech gives organizations the ability to participate in Demand Response Programs by providing facilities managers control of the end-users of energy in their buildings.
    By its connected nature, smart buildings can sense someone entering the building and track when they entered. The system can also activate security cameras and notify authorities in the case of unauthorized entry. Ultimately, smart building automation is like getting energy savings and a security system rolled into one package.

    Total Control Over Your

    Reasons to Contact Efficient Power Tech

    1) You need to control your facility systems to better optimize energy usage.
    2) You need to understand and report your current energy usage across facilities.
    3) You are using an outdated system that does not match today's current workforce needs.
    4) You need to lower costs.