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Today's Energy Management Systems (EMS) are powerful tools that were, in the past, cost prohibitive for most commercial and light industrial facilities.  The EMS of today is cloud based and utilizes clip on Current Transmitters (CTs) that communicate and integrate with the control device and the internet to capture energy usage, HVAC or Motor performance records, and allow for remote control and monitoring.  The reports generated help managers and owners know what is going on in real time and compare current data to historical periods and benchmark one facility to another.  These economical tools are easy to install and operate and generate quantifiable action items that can save money or even generate revenue through Demand Response programs.

Whether you’re interested in controlling a single facility or multiple facilities/zones, Efficient Power Tech has the Energy Management System that is right for YOU.

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    We offer financing programs and flexible payment options with long-term benefits that enable you to quickly put your Energy Management Plans into action with the least initial outlay.