Integrate Distributed Energy Resources – DERs

Distributed Energy Resources

Increase resilience, lower cost, manage loads, reduce Demand Charges and create revenue with an On-Site Microgrid.

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Onsite microgrids help to generate power and increase resiliency. Microgrids are not simply backup power, they also are essential to additional power generation that can lower your costs and, in some cases, generate revenue.

A MicroGrid is simply integrating one or more generation sources (Solar + Natural Gas Generator) with Batteries, A Controller (Brains) and DC to AC Invertors

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Power

Hydrogen Fuel Cell power modules are reliable and deliver a zero carbon footprint when operating, making them well suited to many power services.

Because these power modules have their own Hydrogen fuel as part of the system, they can be installed anywhere, making large-scale power available to remote locations minimizing cabling infrastructure.

Quick to deploy and scalable to any power requirement, this power module is powered by Hydrogen Fuel Cells with built-in inverters and support battery storage. Connect to your facility for primary, load-shedding, or UPS power. Just add Hydrogen – you’re ready to go.

Solar Energy

As with other types of energy technology, solar generation and storage is staged to grow exponentially in Texas and the Southeast over the next 5 years. Efficient Power Tech intends to leverage the resources available in Houston to lead the way with innovative products, financing solutions, market-based pricing programs and installation services. Efficient Power Tech, along with our solar partners, will bring the experience, capital and product solutions to our business clients in the most effective ways possible. Look through our application examples below and let's start a conversation on when and how adopting solar for your own organization makes sense.

Distributed Energy Resources Networking

For Commercial and Industrial facilities needing to upgrade their metering infrastructure and/or integrate legacy assets such as generators, boilers, and chillers, we provide the ability to connect to every asset better, faster and more affordably than traditional solutions.

Ready to add in your solar, battery storage and CHP? Not a problem. We connect your legacy assets with your next-gen assets to create a highly secure, IoT-enabled network that scales across facilities and geography so all your facilities can be part of the same IoT network.

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