Oil & Gas, Maritime, Petrochemical and Construction

Energy Management
in Oil & Gas, Maritime, Petrochemical and Construction

If your company operates in the Oil & Gas, Marine, Petrochemical, Refining, Aggregate or other heavy industrialized or hazardous space then Efficient Power Tech stands ready to help you with specifying, selecting and procuring the best LED Lighting technologies for your application and budget.

Reliability and maintenance worries no longer have to be part of the list of issues that you deal with day-in and day-out. By choosing Efficient Power Tech, instead of distributors or web-based organizations, you will avail your organization to:

  • 1. An array of product solutions to fit your application with differing price points.
  • 2. Full luminary design and specification information to make proper purchase decisions with.
  • 3. Warranty services that include replacements shipped while warranty applications are being process by the manufacturer.
  • 4. Full site or rig retrofit projects while docked or under construction
  • Efficient Power Tech understands the timelines, budgets and reliability standards you must meet without fail. Getting your product to location on time and on budget is the only way. Send us a summary of what you need and let us respond with product choices you can rely on that you may not know about or have time to research and source.


    Factory LED lighting, from our high bay LED luminaires, offers a safe, durable, and cost effective lighting solution that exceeds expectations. Superior beam uniformity, coupled with a high lumen per watt performance, will provide optimal long-term lighting for your factory facility.
    Solar power has had a significant role in the oil and gas industry for decades, due largely in part to the remote locations of most oil drilling operations. The wide variety of energy needs involved in oil and mining, including supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) and telemetry, make solar energy a cost effective way to provide power to production sites. This has made it a highly sought-after source of energy at gas and oil sites throughout the United States and the Middle East.
    EdgeView Sensors
    Receive real-time alerts for events that require your attention. Our award-winning wireless sensors will let you know if there is motion after hours, a water leak, increases in temperature or humidity, or other unusual events. Always know your facilities are buttoned-up with our Wireless Sensors for remote facilities monitoring.