Capture Value Via Optimization

Optimize Your Energy Ecosystem

Capture Value Via Optimization

With your Energy Ecosystem built, you will avail your business to the opportunities presented by the energy transition while reducing energy consumption – Welcome To The Energy Future

Realistic expectations of a well designed and implemented Energy Ecosystem

Build Resiliency

Back up and redundance build in via multiple generation sources

Create Sustainability

Renewable and/or long-lived energy assets under management

Generate Savings

Reduction in overall energy consumption

Harness Revenue Streams

  • Participate in Demand Response (DR)
  • Generate EV Charge Revenue
  • Sell Wholesale Electricity
  • Sell Renewable Energy Certificates
  • Sell Carbon Offsets

Demand Response Programs

Demand Response is the method of curtailing your energy consumption during periods of high stress on the electric grid, and getting paid for using less. Energy providers can help avoid brownouts and blackouts when customers implement demand side energy management to lower their normal capacity. And the energy providers implement programs in order for you to get paid to lower your base energy consumption.

Peak Load Management

As a consumer of electricity from the grid, you pay for both the actual energy you consume (kWh) and the amount of energy that needs to be available to serve your account based on your peak load (kW demand). This peak kW, or peak load contribution / capacity tag / cap obligation (various names depending on market), can comprise up to 50% of your supply bill and more than 30% of your total electricity bill (supply + delivery). Through conscious management of your load, or Peak Load Management (PLM), you can clip these peaks and significantly reduce your electricity costs, both in the current period (delivery) and during the next capacity period (supply).

Electricity Supply Management

We believe in creating energy supply agreements that compliment your energy efficiency projects to help your business save even more money on energy costs. We conduct an energy billing analysis to review what you are currently paying for energy costs, analyze the current and future market conditions, manage your price risks, contact our energy providers, and negotiate contracts on your behalf in order to get you the best deal. Managing your energy supply is an ongoing process that frequently changes. It makes sense to hire a professional to deal with this challenge especially when you consider the potential savings you could receive.