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Approximately 30% of all major sports team’s facilities are equipped with LED Lighting and all other will be soon. These sport lighting systems are complex and have the most advanced controllability.

Now the advancements made at these facilities are available for small to medium size sports and recreations facilities and Efficient Power Tech can manage the whole process for your organization from design to integration to procurement to installation at an affordable price point that won’t have your waiting another season for that upgrade.

We serve these applications with best in class service and financing alternatives. Receive your free design estimate by contacting us and discussing your goals and objectives regarding your sports and recreation facility today.


Factory LED lighting, from our high bay LED luminaires, offers a safe, durable, and cost effective lighting solution that exceeds expectations. Superior beam uniformity, coupled with a high lumen per watt performance, will provide optimal long-term lighting for your factory facility.
EdgeView Sensors
Receive real-time alerts for events that require your attention. Our award-winning wireless sensors will let you know if there is motion after hours, a water leak, increases in temperature or humidity, or other unusual events. Always know your facilities are buttoned-up with our Wireless Sensors for remote facilities monitoring.