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CEO Welcome Letter


Hello and welcome to our website: We hope you find the information contained herein of value and find what you are looking for, including new and innovative products and services you might not have thought of yet as immediate needs.

Efficient Power Tech was formed in 2015 to provide small to medium sized commercial and industrial businesses with all the same product quality of advanced energy technologies available to their mega-large competitors at affordable price points.

The Efficient Power Tech team and partners offer your business experience and expertise in all aspects of the Supply Side and Demand Side energy markets. How you use and pay for energy is of the utmost importance to controlling your variable cost. We simplify the complexity of the energy management process so you can focus on your business. Efficient Power Tech helps you harness the savings or revenue associated with controlling the energy required to run your business.

So Welcome to the Energy Future where transparency into your energy consumption patterns creates the possibility of using less energy to produce better results for your business.

LED Lighting and IOT based Smart Metering, Controls and Monitoring are now mainstream and EV Charging and Resilient Onsite Distributed Energy Resources such as Batteries and Self Generation are on your doorstep.

It’s an exciting time where businesses like yours are taking literal control of how, when, and where they manage electricity and report on ESG factors such as carbon reduction and energy efficiency through measurement and verification.

It’s gratifying to see our clients successfully offer better customer experiences through energy management, such as: lower cost, better security, proven higher run-time, resiliency, higher EBITDA multiples, Cap Rates and better financing terms.

There is no doubt that Energy Technology Drives Better Business or that your business will adapt better ways of consuming and paying for energy. The only real question is who you will partner with and when. Efficient Power Tech can help facilitate the process and be that partner who delivers value to your organization. Efficient Power Tech pledges two things: 1) investing in evaluating your needs, and 2) structuring solutions at the most competitive prices possible.

Our team is here anytime to help in anyway regarding your project and you may contact me directly with any questions, suggestions or comments you have regarding our products and services at I hope to learn more about your business and what we can do to make it successful.

Best regards,

Jon M. Gipson
CEO/Managing Member
Efficient Power Tech LLC

Jon M. Gipson

CEO / Managing Member