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CEO Welcome Letter

Hello and welcome to the Efficient Power Tech website. We hope you find the information you are looking for and also find new and innovative products and services you might not have thought of yet. I formed Efficient Power Tech in 2015 to provide small to medium sized commercial and industrial businesses with all the same product quality of advanced energy technologies available to their mega-large competitors at affordable price points that can make an immediate positive impact on their businesses with the most attentive and responsive service available.
After 30 years of experience in the wholesale and retail, electric and natural gas, marketing and transportation, supply and demand side energy management space on the local, state and national levels while forming and developing successful businesses that provide real value – Efficient Power Tech was born to deliver that experience and knowledge to your organization by presenting better ways to consume and pay for electricity.
So, Welcome to the Energy Future where transparency into your energy consumption patterns creates the possibility of actually using less energy to produce better results for your business. LED Lighting and Energy IoT technology are now mainstream and Artificial Intelligence, Smart Contracting and Self Generation are on your doorstep. It’s an exciting time where businesses like yours are taking literal control of how, when, why and where they manage electricity. Our customers will now be able to lower energy spend while at the same time repurposing the benefits of our products and services to extract and create value that adds to and improves their own customer’s experiences regarding security, comfort, information or sustainability concerns.
There is no doubt that Energy Technology Drives Better Business or that your business will adopt better ways of consuming and paying for electricity. The only real question is who you will partner with to help facilitate the process and what value that partner brings to your organization. We will commit to being that partner up front by taking the first step to evaluating and suggesting solutions at the most competitive prices possible. We also pledge to respect your business decision regardless of who you choose to proceed with but sincerely believe you will know that you made the right decision by giving us the opportunity to serve you.
You may contact me directly with any questions, comments or suggestions you have regarding our website or our products and services at and I hope to meet you personally sometime and learn more about your business and what makes it successful.

Best regards,

Jon M. Gipson
CEO/Managing Member
Efficient Power Tech LLC

Jon M. Gipson

CEO / Managing Member