Electricity Supply Management

We Structure Electricity & Natural Gas Supply Agreements that Compliment Our Client's Energy Usage Patterns

We believe in creating energy supply agreements that compliment your energy efficiency projects to help your business save even more money on energy costs. We conduct an energy billing analysis to review what you are currently paying for energy costs, analyze the current and future market conditions, manage your price risks, contact our energy providers, and negotiate contracts on your behalf in order to get you the best deal. Managing your energy supply is an ongoing process that frequently changes. It makes sense to hire a professional to deal with this challenge especially when you consider the potential savings you could receive.

When purchasing electricity and natural gas, you should employ the services of experienced retail and wholesale electricity managers in order to design a purchasing strategy that takes into account:

1 Current Market Conditions
This includes spot and term price structures, seasonality, time of use, individual facility load factors and the competitive offer structures in the marketplace. Managing these factors takes ongoing time and professional resources that our clients access by partnering with Efficient Power Tech. Obtaining the lowest price quote from a series of suppliers may only insure that you have received the lowest price at that point in time. However, the market price changes continuously. Therefore, there must be a better way to manage price. Incorporating a buying process that diversifies, hedges and optimizes price volatility over time is where partnering with Efficient Power Tech can result in long term dividends for your organization.
2An Understanding of Utility Charges
Your facilities have a unique usage profile that generate differing transmission and distribution costs such as demand charges and taxes. Knowing, understanding and managing these drivers is an ongoing process that is best suited for experienced energy managers.
3Managing Price Risks
Efficient Power Tech manages our client’s price risks, which is key to paying less over time. We do this by mitigating high risk factors that are associated with electricity pricing during high peak times, above or below average temperatures, changes in the generation supply mix, unscheduled generator outages or other one-time events that cause market volatility.
4Contract Negotiation
This involves knowing contract terms and conditions, avoiding pass-through charges, dealing with penalty language fairly, insuring taxes are applied correctly and that pricing structures are properly constructed into the contract.

Studies indicate that approximately 75% of middle market companies regularly evaluate their electricity expenditures and pricing. Key factors impacting a company’s choice of a supplier include price, contract terms and conditions, service reliability, billing accuracy, customer service and breadth of service. Efficient Power Tech is your partner in the supply purchasing process. We possess quality supply relationships and the experience necessary to successfully navigate the complex electricity marketplace with confidence and provide an ongoing plan that aligns the economic and operational profile associated with your facility’s unique characteristics.


1Is Efficient Power Tech An Energy Supplier?
Efficient Power Tech is not a competitive energy supplier such as a Retail Electric Provider (REP) or other form of regulated Energy Service Company (ESCO); nor are we affiliated with any utility company. We are registered with the Public Service Commission of Texas as an Aggregator (Registration #80405) and can negotiate electricity supply arrangements in other states. We perform energy management services that include managing electricity supply contracts for our clients. By working with energy suppliers on your behalf, we can aggregate multiple client loads that have similar profile characteristics to achieve a lower total cost of delivery. This, in turn, provides a win-win supplier/customer relationship. Because Efficient Power Tech’s goal is to produce a total Energy Management Solution for our clients, our supply management fees are transparent, economical and structured to produce energy savings for our clients.
2How Will This Save My Business Money?
As an Energy Management company, we form a detailed strategy to attack our client’s utility bill from both ends to allow our clients to pay the least amount for their energy bill as possible. This involves getting our clients energy supply at an economical rate, and also providing energy efficient solutions for their building. Combining multiple methods is the best way to really get some large savings overall.
3Isn’t It Counter-intuitive for a Company to Reduce Energy Consumption and Reduce Energy Supply Costs at the Same Time?
Our goal is to save our clients as much money as possible on all things “energy,” period. We believe in demonstrating honest, balanced, and responsible economic behaviors that will give our clients the most benefit. We are revolutionizing the energy supply and energy consumption industries by combining both of these services to provide our clients with powerful overall energy management solutions.
4Why Would I Choose You Over a Competitor or Just Do This Myself?
Efficient Power Tech has spent years building strong relationships with some of the best energy suppliers in the entire industry. In fact, we are not exclusive to any one supplier. This way we can provide our clients with the best quality products and services at affordable prices. We provide energy efficient solutions that make financial sense to our clients and save them the most money.