Hydrogen Fuel Cell (HFC) Power Systems

Hydrogen Power Systems

Hydrogen Fuel Cell power modules are reliable and deliver a zero carbon footprint when operating, making them well suited to many power services.

Because these power modules have their own Hydrogen fuel as part of the system, they can be installed anywhere, making large-scale power available to remote locations minimizing cabling infrastructure.

Quick to deploy and scalable to any power requirement, this power module is powered by Hydrogen Fuel Cells with built-in inverters and support battery storage. Connect to your facility for primary, load-shedding, or UPS power. Just add Hydrogen – you’re ready to go.

Clean On-Demand Power

Business offices, warehouses, machinery, airports, etc. can all make good use of fuel cell power modules to provide, carbon-free power. There is no need to use diesel generators anymore for either remote power, UPS systems, or peak load supplementation. They also make great additional on-site power for rapid EV charging.


  1. Hydrogen Fuel Cells, each supplying a minimum of 80 kW giving a total of 1.76 MW.
  2. Inverters to deliver the required power output(s).
  3. High-efficiency heat exchangers and connections to facility exchangers if needed.
  4. 720 kWh lithium-ion battery array providing continual power and high efficiencies.
  5. Add additional power modules to increase energy capacity.

Mobile Power Options

Remote site power headaches are a thing of the past with the MPG. A large 70kg hydrogen tank is stored safely built into the MPG trailer giving you ample energy fuel for your mobile power needs.

The latest technology in gas pressure tanks provides efficient safe storage of this renewable fuel.

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Here you can download the technical specifications and product brochures for our hydrogen power systems. If you have questions or comments about these specifications, please contact us.

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