Green EV Rapid Charging

Full EV Charge in Minutes

As the name suggests, this system allows EV drivers to recharge their vehicle for around 20 minutes rather than hours. Fueled by Hydrogen, this is a truly renewable energy supply with no carbon footprint.

The built-in Smart Charge system provides quick customer connection, identification, and EV charge management. Rapid EV Chargers are delivered and installed ready to go with built-in Hydrogen storage. Simply plug in, be amazed and refill with Hydrogen as you need more.


As the production of EV cars and trucks continues to grow, the likelihood of needing emergency power to charge EVs continues to grow. Includes 180kW RAPID EV charging stations. With a single or double power outlet, you can recharge EVs at super quick speeds - less than 20min. Other EV charging stations simply can’t charge vehicles this quickly. And when was the last time you saw a mobile EV charging station driving to your local concert? It’s one more way we’re eliminating range anxiety for EV owners.

What's Inside

  1. 700 kg of Hydrogen gas storage at 700 bar built into the charge station. Additional Hydrogen storage units can be installed on-site and connected.
  2. Four dual-port rapid EV charge stations scalable up to 700 kW per station. Smart user interface and point of sale as required with interactive charge status dashboard.
  3. Hydrogen Fuel Cells, inverters, and batteries. Minimum 700 kW fuel cell system with minimum 300 kWh battery array.
  4. Utility/facility connection, connected as a grid-tie system, as an off-grid supply, or as a UPS for the site.

Built in Hydrogen

The standard Rapid EV Charger has 700 kg of integrated Hydrogen storage and this can be upgraded with an additional Hydrogen storage module.

Here at Renewable Innovations, we are working every day to build Hydrogen-based applications to move the dream of a carbon-free future to reality.

Financing Options

We offer financing programs and flexible payment options with long-term benefits that enable you to quickly put your Energy Management Plans into action with the least initial outlay.