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Energy Management
in Industrial & Manufacturing

Efficient Power Tech partners with developers, owners, property managers and long-term tenants in the industrial, manufacturing and distribution sectors to design, integrate, procure and install the best cost-saving Energy Management Solutions for your facility at the most competitive-value point available.

In addition to savings gained through upgrading to energy efficient lighting, the ability to economically include smart lighting controls is a game changer for industrial, manufacturing and distribution facilities. By including smart lighting and HVAC controls, facility managers can now limit wasted energy usage at idle parts of the facility, detect occupancy in warehouse spaces, monitor operating hours, change lighting output in coordination with daylight harvesting and generate reports for accounting and operations.

It’s time to get started – By starting your project now vs. next year your NPV will increase over the next 5 years and generate accreditive savings immediately. If capital priorities don’t allow for a conversion this year, talk to us about our unique project funding solutions that can convert CAPEX to OPEX or other long-term finance solutions that still allow for stronger EBITDA this year.

The tax advantages and rebates available to industrial and distribution facilities also helps make the economic evaluation to convert to LED Lighting one of the most compelling and profitable projects you may undertake for your facility.


Enhanced Safety


Inventory Management

Increased Property Value

Improved Customer Relationships

Eliminate Maintenance Contracts

Increased Security

Increased Employee Production



Utilizing LED Lighting at industrial, manufacturing and distribution facilities can generate energy savings of up to 60% and maintenance savings of up to 100%. In addition to energy savings, LED lighting can also enhance your employees' safety and improve their production efficiency due to the increase in lighting quality.

Digital Signage

Improve Employee Safety and Communication

Digital LED Signage is an easy and streamlined way to inform employees of events, alert them to safety situations and direct equipment traffic clearly.

Remote Monitoring & Wireless Sensors

Get real-time alerts for situations that require your attention.

As a manufacturing manager, you take ultimate responsibility for so many processes. With limited hours in the day, how do you find time to oversee it all? Our award-winning line of 70+ sensors will let you know if motors are vibrating irregularly or excessively, temperatures are off, or humidity is high. With such a broad line of sensors, there are so many things you can monitor from one platform. Always know your production process is optimized with EdgeView by Efficient Power Tech Wireless Sensors for remote facilities monitoring.

Solar Energy

Create Energy Independence

Solar Energy can be utilized at your facility to curb peak demand periods. Your facility can use energy from the sun instead of the expensive electricity from the utility company during the parts of the day when electricity costs the most.

By investing in a Solar Energy System, you can also help to further your organization's sustainability goals.

Smart Energy Metering

Your Machines are Talking. Are You Listening?

Each of your machines has its own electrical voice that can be monitored in real time and recorded over time for analysis. By monitoring your machinery we are able to pinpoint hidden anomalies with sub-millisecond data, measure power quality, and identify total harmonic distortion. This allows us to identify insights on our comprehensive, yet simple to use, dashboards and deliver reports that empower you to find energy and maintenance savings. We notify your Facility Managers immediately when energy usage is different than expected so you can address the problems before your machines break down.


Charging of electric vehicles is a growing trend that allows companies to provide their employees and customers with convenience, while at the same time meeting their sustainability goals.