Energy Management Process

Designing your Energy Management Solution is the first step to energy efficiency and savings. The Design Team considers the building or area layout, the desired light, energy or control you want over your facilities and what individual product features are the best and most economical for your business. You receive the expertise needed to design a best in class solution for your organization with the full spectrum of performance information, product choices and economic evaluation you expect when making your decision. Set up an appointment to learn more about our full-service design approach.
Once your Design is set, you will want the solution professionally integrated and commissioned into your current facility management system. You can expect a partner in Efficient Power Tech that knows how to make your system the most effective energy asset available for your business. Before, during and after the installation, we are here to integrate your system into the daily operations of your business.
Choosing the correct energy efficient product or service is the most challenging aspect of converting, constructing or adding to your energy consuming assets at your facility. We are in the market everyday talking to manufactures, continually training and learning about the details of new products and features, negotiating terms and managing logistics of domestic and international shipping and storage. Your time is one of your most valuable assets, and while leveraging our status in the industry is often an overlooked advantage for your organization, we take pride in making your life easier by taking care of the complicated steps involved with procuring the most economical and capable energy efficient products available in the marketplace.
Your business may have already successfully hired electricians and performed electrical installs. But when it comes to Energy Management Solutions, we have your back on installation services. We have dedicated partners that are familiar with our solutions and that work with us day-in and day-out all year long. We warranty the work, set schedules, meet deadlines and insure quality work every time. Our solutions are packaged with our installation services, making your time spent more efficient and the final operational outcome certain.