Success Story

The Seidl's Bindery LED Lighting Upgrade

As maintenance costs increased, lighting quality decreased and energy costs continued to grow out of control, the management team at the Seidl's Bindery knew some type of action had to be taken. That's when they met the energy management experts at Efficient Power Tech.

Efficient Power Tech conducted a site survey of their bindery and provided the Seidls with an assessment of their current equipment's energy and maintenance costs. We also provided the Seidl's Bindery with an energy management solution which recommended an LED lighting upgrade to reduce their energy spend, limit maintenance costs and provide better lighting quality.

Project Highlights

  • Energy Reduction: 58%
  • Annual Operating Savings: $36,426
  • Rebate Amount: $16,800
  • Payback Period: 2.3 Years
  • Efficient Power Tech never gave up on us. In the end, it was a great deal and great folks to work with. It was a pretty easy decision and an easy transition.
    Matt Seidl


    The standard cash-on-cash payback period for this project was projected to be 2.3-years, but because the Seidl’s Bindery chose to allow Efficient Power Tech to assist in funding the project’s cost through their monthly energy bill they were able to realize an immediate positive impact on their monthly cash flow.

    On-Bill Project Funding

    This unique award-winning solution provides your organization with an opportunity to pay for energy conservation measures through monthly charges that appear on your power or natural gas supply bill from Constellation. You can realize cost savings through a reduction in energy consumption, maintenance costs and an improved load profile, which will positively impact future energy costs and your environmental goals.

    Program Benefits:

  • No upfront capital for new equipment with flexible 36 to 60-month contract terms
  • Included in your power or natural gas bill
  • Cost savings through reduced energy consumption
  • Ability to install energy solutions today, but delay payments up to 24 months