LED Lighting

LED Lighting

Efficient Power Tech wants to partner with your organization to provide an LED lighting solution that will last 10+ years and meet all your budgetary and sustainability needs.

Its Happening - the move to LED lighting and IoT lighting controls is no longer for early adopters. Commercial and industrial businesses are moving fast to equip their facilities with the latest in LED lighting technology in order to save money, improve customer experience, and lower maintenance cost.


  • Lower Energy Costs

  • Better Reliability

  • Controllability

  • Security

  • Maintenance Savings

  • Facility Optimization

  • Increased Productivity

  • Enhanced Customer Experience

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Success Story

When you have a need for LED lighting the only name to remember is Efficient Power Tech. EPT is an amazing company that's run by awesome people. They have done a lot of work at my automotive business. They have a vast knowledge of products, are efficient, honest, and priced fairly.
Shakil Sheikh
Owner, Upland Automotive