IOT Lighting

EyeNut is an innovative cloud-based, IoT enabled, remote access, wireless control solution for indoor and close-proximity outdoor lighting. It gives users the freedom to commission, configure and completely control their own lighting to maximise energy savings, automate emergency testing and integrate with BeMS via an intuitive Graphic User Interface (GUI).

12 Reasons to Install EyeNut

Indoor and Outdoor Control

Central Multi-Site Control

Simple Retrofit Process

Category A&B Multi-Usage Flexibility

Intuitive User Dashboard

PIR Presence & Absence Detection

Micro BeMS Compatible

Reconfigurable Lighting Profiles & Schedules

Full Emergency Integration

ADR Compatible

Expandable Hardware Platform

Upload Your Own Floorplan

Up to 500 EyeNut devices can be managed from a single gateway, via a robust, secure ZigBee wireless mesh network. There is no limit to the number of gateways, and therefore the number of devices which can be managed by the central cloud hosted hub, which is also capable of controlling multiple sites and supporting access from multiple users.

Luminaires can easily be EyeNut enabled by connecting a simple adaptor to existing DALI or analogue control gear across a wide variety of lighting technologies. Many LED luminaires can use Harvard’s Eyenut-enabled LED drivers which convert wireless ZigBee messages into a dimmable LED drive current in a single unit.

Switches, sensors and other control devices that conform to the ZigBee Home and Building Automation profile can be used in EyeNut. Harvard’s own EyeNut sensor allows occupancy (presence and absence) and daylight and corridor linking functions to be easily applied to EyeNut enabled luminaires.

The EyeNut software, which can be accessed via a computer, laptop or tablet, allows users to commission and map their lighting. Users can visualise energy consumption, operating history and luminaire status via a sophisticated suite of reports using data from metering chips inside the EyeNut hardware.

Continual developments in functionality means that EyeNut continues to be at the forefront of the Internet of Things (IOT) enabled wireless control & management solutions for interior and exterior lighting. Latest developments include emergency testing, outdoor lighting control and BeMS integration.

Introducing EyeNode

The convergence of indoor and outdoor lighting control

Now for the first time you can manage both your outdoor and your indoor lighting for your estate from one interface for truly connected lighting. Enhanced wireless connectivity and complete scalability means the solution is ideal for large-scale applications such as university campuses, shopping centres, airports, shipping ports, theme parks, holiday resorts and beyond.

Taking Control of your Campus’ Energy Usage Starts With the EyeNut IoT Lighting Control System

EyeNut enables users to monitor both indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures from one interface, with access to real time data on energy usage, cost savings, energy hotspots and even lamp failures across multiple buildings and locations campus wide.

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