Why Finance With Ascentium Capital?

Because service excellence is in the fabric of everything we do. Because we strive for innovation, leadership and dexterity. Because we believe that only through our customers’ growth will we achieve success. Ascentium Capital was founded with the goal of delivering efficiency, superior service and competitive financing products to small businesses. We focus on the business decisions that will bring value and growth to our customers, to our employees and to the communities where we live and work.

Strong Foundation

Today’s Ascentium Capital grew out of its predecessor Main Street Bank and the investments of Luther King Capital Management and Vulcan Capital. Establishing an independent, privately-held financial services company is precisely what allows us to deliver operational efficiency, superior support and innovative products to our customer base. Ascentium Capital can develop a solution around your business objectives and we deliver it with the expedient, seamless, service-rich experience associated with the best financial institutions in America.

A Winning Team

Our success is achieved through our greatest asset – our people. Ascentium Capital’s management team has been serving small businesses for over 25 years and consistently demonstrates industry knowledge, experience, flexibility and a deep investment in the needs and successes of its customers.
We seek to grow and evolve by fostering these values and retaining talent that shares these professional objectives. Every day throughout our organization, our employees exhibit the highest level of initiative, with the goal of becoming one of America’s most respected names in leasing and financial services.

Support for our Communities

A core objective is to improve the quality of life and economic vibrancy of the places where our customers, employees and investors live and work. Our commitment takes many forms, including charitable events and giving, developing a diverse workforce and practicing economic inclusion with small businesses, minority-owned, and women-owned businesses. We aim to build the economic wealth in the communities we serve by providing open opportunities and fair competition. Why Ascentium Capital? Because we strive for opportunity, for growth, and for progress.