Energy Management FAQ

What is an Energy Management company?

An Energy Management company does just that, it manages the energy consumption of your facility. We manage the way our clients purchase and consume their energy in an effort to allow our clients to pay the lowest price possible for energy.

What is energy efficiency?

Energy efficiency is a way of managing and restraining the growth in energy consumption. Something is more energy efficient if it delivers more services for the same energy input, or the same services for less energy input.

How can Efficient Power Tech reduce the amount of energy my company consumes?

We are able to reduce the amount of energy our clients consume by implementing energy efficient solutions to their otherwise inefficient practices. Some of these efficient solutions include: Solar, LED lighting, efficient HVAC systems, Energy Management Controls and more.

So Efficient Power Tech is an Energy Management company?

Yes! We manage the way that our clients purchase and consume their energy. We save our clients money by lowering the purchase and operating cost for your organization and in some cases generate revenue.

I don’t want to pay! Will you inspect my facilities for FREE?

Absolutely! We would love to send one of our qualified energy experts to conduct a detailed Site Survey of your facility. We would also sit down with you one-on-one to discuss not only your needs, but your wants as well. Through efficiency you can have both your needs and your wants in an economically responsible manner!

Okay, you gave me a FREE Site Survey but I’m sure I have to pay for the results of the survey. Right?

No way! We will present you with the data found in our Site Survey along with an Energy Efficient Solution in the form of a proposal. We strongly believe that you are an intelligent business owner/manager. Once you see how much money your company will save by implementing our energy efficient solution you will sell yourself. You know a good idea when you see one.

No one is happy when their utility bill is due. How do you plan to save my company money?

As an Energy Management company, we attack our client’s utility bill from both ends in order to allow our clients to pay the least amount possible. We strive to provide our clients with energy at an economical rate and also provide energy efficient solutions that give them the ability to consume less of it. When you are given the ability to buy cheaper and consume less the end result is money in our client’s pocket.

Doesn’t it seem counterintuitive for a company to sell cheaper energy while encouraging their clients to consume less?

That’s the point! We believe that by demonstrating balanced, honest and responsible economic behaviors our clients will benefit the most. Intelligent consumers have the power to drive and revolutionize industries within the economy. Consumers recognize the financial saving possibilities that are associated with the solutions Efficient Power Tech provides. We are revolutionizing the energy supply and consumption industries by combining them for the benefit of our clients.

How will partnering with Efficient Power Tech benefit my company long term?

We are not trying to sell a light bulb, HVAC system, solar panel or any other product. We are offering immediate solutions that provide long term implications. By partnering with Efficient Power Tech, you have made an ally in the energy world. As your ally, we will continually fight to provide you with the most cost effective bottom line possible.

As a consumer, why should I feel more compelled to invest in Efficient Power Tech’s products rather than one of your competitors?

Efficient Power Tech has formed strong relationships with some of the best suppliers in the energy industry. However, we are not exclusive to any single supplier. This gives us the ability to always provide the best quality products at the most affordable price possible. The monetary savings and insured quality is then passed down to our clients in the form of reliable products at competitive prices. As an intelligent business owner/manager you should only feel confident in facts that are presented in the form of quantified data. We provide energy efficient solutions to our clients that make financial sense. At Efficient Power Tech, we encourage our clients to invest in our intelligent energy efficient solutions, not stand alone products.

How can I be sure that these Energy Efficient Solutions will work?

There is no reason not to feel completely confident in your decision to consume less energy while achieving the same or better results with improved products. Technology has rapidly evolved over the past 100 years. Vehicles now go farther while consuming less fuel, phones are no longer attached to walls, we put a man on the Moon, we can fit computers in our pockets and now your facility can consume less energy while producing better results.

Do your products carry a warranty?

Our products carry their original manufacturer’s warranty which is typically 5 years.

Wow, you guys are the best! I’m 100% sold! How do we get started?

Thanks for the complement. It’s greatly appreciated. You can get started today by clicking the Free Site Survey button located at the bottom of this page or by giving us a call. We look forward to making your company more energy efficient. Welcome to the energy future.

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