EV Charging Stations

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging

Efficient Power Tech is working hard to make the next generation of EV Charging Infrastructure a reality today ensuring that EV Owners will have a place to Re-fuel, and Charging Station Owners (Hosts) can create a sustainable business model.

NovaCHARGE has deployed over a thousand units throughout the US and their customer list includes Disney, AAA, McDonalds, Capitol Broadcasting, Royal Caribbean, Turner Broadcasting, NASA and almost every major hotel chain. We are a full service provider and can also assist you with solar, signage, street and pavement markings, bollards and wheel stops for your installation.

NovaCharger 5000 Family of Charging Stations

The NovaCharger NC-5000 family of commercial charging stations are built for heavy usage, and are extremely reliable, tamper-proof, and perfect for all weather environments. The NC-5000 series offers the option of an 18’ cord (NC-5018) or a 25’ cord (NC-5025). The series also features a customizable front panel, enabling businesses to showcase their brand to its customers and employees, while promoting their commitment to environmental sustainability.

Networked Solutions Available on ChargePoint and Schneider Units

Residential Charging Solutions

Homeowners will appreciate simple, easy-to-install and user friendly solutions for charging their vehicles at home. Our charging stations, which meet all NEMA requirements, are suitable for wall or pedestal mounting.

Commercial and Fleet Charging Solutions

Fleet and Commercial customers can count on charging solutions that offer convenient and secure public and private access. Remote monitoring, diagnostics and payment/billing are available on ChargePoint Network EVSE and Schneider EVLink solutions. Clipper Creek offers authentication options on their Liberty enabled units.

Fast Charging Solutions

Customers requiring access to a quick charge will enjoy our fast-charging stations. These will allow drivers to re-charge as conveniently as they re-fuel at gas today.


24 x 7 Driver Support
Provide fast, station-side driver support, around the clock.
Station Mapping
Make stations visible to everyone via website, smart phone apps, and navigation systems.
Charging Status Alerts
Drivers can sign up for text or email alerts on the status of their charging.
Detailed Reporting
Track station usage, energy consumption, GhG emissions prevented, average turnover, session duration and more for trending, compliance and tax purposes.
Station Access Control
Manage access by driver, group or station with maximum flexibility.
Web Services APIs
Integrate with your mobile driver apps, existing building controls, ERP, etc.
Charging Station Messages
Communicate timely, targeted offers and other messages to drivers on station displays.
Patent-Pending Chargepoint Connections
Create a tiered charging model and send drivers incentives to use your stations. Email or text special offers to drivers such as discounts or coupons drive traffic to your stations.
Let drivers reserve stations ahead of time.
Multiple Payment Options
Allow driver to choose whether to pay with a ChargePoint card, Blink card, RFID credit card, or with the free smart phone apps.
Automated Fee Collection
ChargePoint or Blink handles all payment processing for you with PCI-compliant solution.
Detailed Analytics
Collect, export and analyze information about session terminations, station reboots, and removals, ground faults and station maintenance.
Flexible Billing
Set charging fees by time, session, or kWh, or any combination, and set fees for different drivers or groups of drivers, or different times of the day.
Station Access Control
Manage access by driver, group or station with maximum flexibility.
Remote Station Management
Start stop or restart sessions remotely and delivers real-time status information from all stations.


Financing Options

We offer financing programs and flexible payment options with long-term benefits that enable you to quickly put your Energy Management Plans into action with the least initial outlay.