Economic Analysis Report

Understanding the Economics

We understand that the first step in considering any investment is to analyze the economics involved. That’s why we offer in depth consultative services for Facilities Managers, Owners, and organizations who would like to make their facilities more energy efficient. We take the time to understand your goals and then develop a plan ensured to help you achieve those goals. After evaluating your facilities current interior and exterior energy consumption patterns, our team will create a customized Energy Efficient Solution for you.

What to expect from your Economic Analysis Report:

1. A Site Survey / Inspection of your facilities to identify current inefficiencies
2. An understanding of operations as they relate to your energy profile
3. An account of your existing equipment
4. New equipment recommendations to address the found inefficiencies
5. Analysis of current energy usage and costs
6. Current Usage & Costs vs. Projected Usage & Costs
7. 10-Year Cashflow Analysis
8. Net Present Value
9. Projected Internal Rate of Return
10. Projected Payback on Investment Period
11. Photometric Renderings
12. Environmental Impact Analysis
13. Energy Billing Analysis