Case Study Texas Truck Sales

LED Lighting Case Study for Texas Truck Sales

When it comes to selling products on your sales lot, proper lighting can make a world of difference. Through our strategic project planning process, Texas Truck Sales was able to improve the quality of light emitted by their pole-mounted area lights, increase their total lumen output, and reduce the number of fixtures needed on their sales lot.

Very good service and price!

Emmett Narsi
CEO, Texas Truck Sales

Project Highlights

Projected Energy Reduction: 68%

Projected Payback Period: 1.2 Years

Projected Maintenance Reduction: 100%

Projected Internal Rate of Return on Investment: 130%

We can help you get a better understanding of your ongoing energy costs with what you are currently using for your lighting system. Then, after using our analytical tools, we can help you find a more efficient, eco-friendly solution using LED lighting for your medical facility. We provide you with all the data and reporting you need to help make your decision.

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