Case Study – LED Lighting for Automotive Dealerships

Case Study for Parking Lot LED Lighting

Switching to Commercial LED Lighting can save your business money on energy costs. For example, by replacing metal halide lighting with our brighter and more efficient LED lights for a parking lot, we can reduce wattage from 400 to 168 per fixture. This can turn into large energy cost savings for your facility.


Beyond the safety, financial, health and aesthetic value provided by employing advanced lighting technologies, perhaps the greatest value will be the enhanced respect of your employees, your customers and the community you serve.

Our clients in the auto and petroleum industry are demanding and scrutinize every purchase to ensure they are receiving the best quality product. With every installation of US LED products we have been able to surpass our clients’ requests
Andre English
CEO, Optimum Energy
I Thought I was driving around my parking lot during the day when I first saw the fixtures last night!
Strickland Chevrolet


• Reduced CO2 emissions
• Reduced greenhouse gas emissions
equivalent to those from 14 vehicles each year
• Annual energy savings = 162,184 kWh


•Annual energy cost savings = $32,387
• Annual maintenance savings = $27,302
• Utility rebate = $37,000
• Payback = 2.3 years

We can help you get a better understanding of your ongoing energy costs with what you are currently using for your lighting system. Then, after using our analytical tools, we can help you find a more efficient, eco-friendly solution using LED lighting for your medical facility. We provide you with all the data and reporting you need to help make your decision.

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