UV Angel Adapt – Pathogen Control Technology

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UV Angel Adapt – Pathogen Control Technology

Treating without Interrupting Your Workflow

Frequently touched surfaces are being interacted with faster than they can be wiped down. Using an intelligent, automated ultraviolet light treatment platform, UV Angel can add an extra layer of safety by neutralizing potential threats.

Adapt Series

Using an intelligent, automated UV-C light treatment platform, UV Angel Adapt products monitor to detect when surfaces have been used, safely treating them without any user assistance. Attaching directly to devices and equipment, UV Angel Adapt is as unobtrusive as it is effective. UV Angel Adapt can be attached to keyboards, touch displays, hospital carts and more..

Enhanced with AI

Using advanced AI, UV Angel Adapt is able to detect the difference between when a device is being used, being cleaned or when somebody is simply walking past it. This powerful data can help health care professionals understand key metrics like keyboard compliance. *UV Angel Adapt’s AI integration is coming later this year

Working When You’re Not

Each interaction initiates or pauses a cleaning cycle. The light on top of the UV Angel Adapt device indicates if the surface is contaminated, being cleaned or cleaned. For additional insights, UV Angel Adapt provides real-time reports on multiple data points, including how often and how long surfaces are treated.


  • Continuous Monitoring: UV Angel Adapt will monitor frequently touched surfaces or devices, breaking down the bacteria at the cellular level and neutralizing it with greater than 99% effectiveness.
  • Disruption-Free Workflow: The UV Angel Adapt can target and treat surfaces hundreds of times a day, providing 24/7 disruption-free workflow.
  • Added Protection: Working in tandem with existing infection prevention strategies, UV Angel Adapt helps you more effectively protect patients, caregivers, and families from harmful bacteria.

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