PoleLED Flagpole Lighting

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PoleLED Flagpole Lighting

This unique system consists of a ring of power LEDs which are installed in a circle shaped unit that is placed around the flag pole. Because of the unit’s shape and the way it is placed, it doesn’t matter from which angle the wind blows: the flag always is in full view. No more shadows, flags are always lit and no need for expensive land spots. Twelve powerful LEDs distribute the light brightly and uniformly and illuminate the object in a very special way. .

PoleLed’s lighting system can be applied to both existing and new flag poles, conical and cylindrical, up to a height of 12 meters. The unit is made of aluminum and has the same color as the flag pole. Once the unit is installed, theft is practically impossible

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  • 360-degree flawless illumination
  • Mid-Pole Mount Fixture – eliminates vandalism
  • Architecturally the world’s best flag lighting fixture
  • New 2-piece clamp on system – up to 9” diameter pole.

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