Case Study – Hospital Energy Efficiency

Case Study for LED Lighting for Hospital

There are many benefits to switching lighting in a hospital or medical facility. This can help your facility significantly reduce energy consumption, and in-turn reduce energy costs. To evaluate this, our team will do a detailed analysis of your current facility’s lighting, and then help you determine your commercial LED lighting options for your hospital. From our previous work with hospitals, we were able to reduce energy costs, and create a more pleasant environment for the patients and staff through improving lighting throughout the facility. Here is an example of potential results for your organization:


Beyond the safety, financial, health and aesthetic value provided by employing advanced lighting technologies, perhaps the greatest value will be the enhanced respect of your employees, your customers and the community you serve.

Existing lights registered (0.2) amps and post-installation readings were at (0.1) amps. This is good stuff!
Senior Electrician
We were amazed at the energy savings with both the interior and exterior HID to LED conversions
Terry Lygre
Project Manager/Master Electrician
Now that the corridors are brightly lit, the patients and visitors will feel more at ease.
Nurse Practitioner
I have always heard about saving energy with LEDs, but this is impressive!
Hospital Marketing Manager, Houston

We can help you get a better understanding of your ongoing energy costs with what you are currently using for your lighting system. Then, after using our analytical tools, we can help you find a more efficient, eco-friendly solution using LED lighting for your medical facility. We provide you with all the data and reporting you need to help make your decision.

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