Cleanse® | Tote



In today’s world, keeping people and their environments healthy is more important than ever. The Cleanse® Tote provides a quick and easy method to clean and sanitize your personal belongings, creating a safe and effective way to protect against germs, bacteria and viruses. True to our mission of using light to enhance health and wellness, Healthe welcomes this partner product into the Cleanse family.

Equipped with ultraviolet (UV) LEDs, the Cleanse Tote employs a 3-minute, chemical-free cleaning cycle, which deactivates up to 99.9% of harmful pathogens. The portable case is a simple, safe and effective way to prevent from spreading germs and bacteria and protect against unwanted illness and disease. 


  • Chemical-free cleaning process that features UV LED light between 260-280nm 
  • Designed to eliminate 99.9% of pathogens by targeting DNA/RNA and rendering them useless.
  • Quick 3-minute sanitization cycle offers additional level of protection.
  • Effectively cleans most personal items that can fit into Tote cleaning area, including mobile phones, wallets, glasses, keys and even  surgical and N95 masks.
  • Auto shut-off feature when lid is opened provides safeguard from unwanted UV exposure
  • FDA Class I Listed with effectiveness validated by 3rd party test lab.

* Due to high demand, shipment for new orders is 3-4 weeks from order date.