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Reducing the spread of infection is now as simple as a flip of a light switch!

Simply unscrew the existing light from your 6” recessed light, remove existing trim (if applicable), screw in the Cleanse® Downlight, push it in place and flip the switch to start the eradication of pathogens. Equipped with built-in far-UVC light, the Downlight delivers an appropriate dose of 222 nanometer light while inactivating over 90% of contaminants, based on the dosage, wavelength and distance described. Studies* indicate no harm to humans from far-UVC exposure.

While far-UVC light does its job sanitizing surfaces, choose from comfortable white light available in Healthe’s GoodDay® light source or various CCTs to provide comfortable general illumination suitable for all applications.


  • Unique 2-in-1 solution that not only provides high-quality illumination, but cleans and sanitizes surfaces
  • Features Far-UVC technology that effectively penetrates and inactivates >90% of bacteria and viruses without harm to exposed human body
  • UV dosage requirement can be low due to effectiveness of Far-UVC light source*
  • Integrated general illumination available in various CCT choices including Healthe’s GoodDay engineered spectrum
  • Motion-controlled mode activates Far-UVC light via built-in PIR motion sensor and can preserve longevity of Far-UVC module during periods of inactivity.
  • 6" downlight form factor can be retrofitted to conventional recessed can fixture for easy installation
  • Available in 120V or 220V input voltage with a power consumption of 20W
      * Results depend on number of fixtures deployed and mounting height

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